Don’t discriminate.  Don’t you dare discriminate.  People who discriminate go over there, and people who don’t discriminate come over here.  That’s better.

We seem to fear the label of discrimination more than death.  But what about our hearts?  No one sees these (except God).  Are our hearts a paragon of equality, civility and inclusivity?  Do we bleed unity?  Or are we shameful, divisive and defiant in our judgments.  Is it possible that people are not fundamentally good and desirous of the best for others?  Is that why we use laws to dictate and prop up that forced illusion?  Sorry, I know that was a lot of questions in one paragraph.

“Dear Christians, go to hell, or to heaven, or to wherever you want as long as it is not here!”  Imagine that lovely sign in a shop window or printed on the window of some witty business.  I am a Christian, by the grace of God.  However, I wholeheartedly welcome such a sign.  Someone being allowed to express their actual feelings and personal viewpoint?  I am talking about private businesses, not City Hall.  We might laugh off this sign or feign mock horror at such blasphemy.  But don’t we know this sentiment is already floating freely around?  Now imagine this sign: “We don’t want no n!&&@s now or never.”  The mood changes.  And yet, I am fine with that sign too.

Hatred for our fellow man is sad and despicable.  This seems obvious.  But does the government have the right to squash that sentiment?  I am not arguing for violence against anyone or government sponsored racial, or any type, of favoritism.  America is a country built on “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  However, to truly unpack that statement would require many, many, many blogs.  To switch back to the concrete,  imagine another sign that reads “Hey white guys, you’re not included this time.  Better luck next time.  Sorry slavery didn’t work out for you.” and imagine this sign affixed to a prominent, successful black business.  Once again, I have no problem with that.  IT’S THEIR BUSINESS!  If somebody doesn’t like how someone does something, go somewhere else or start your own business.  These are private businesses we are talking about.  We are not talking about government positions or functions.  The anti-discrimination movement will not end.  Sanitizing will not end.  I don’t want to see nudity in films.  Therefore, I don’t watch films with nudity.  This is the tip of the iceberg for my views.  Just wait.  Remember, above all else, God is God and I am some guy sitting in a T-shirt and boxer briefs typing on my computer.  If there is Truth in what I say, it will stand.  If not, well maybe some people with better ideas will get riled up enough to share them.  Please, leave your comments.  Let me know if this post is awesome, stupid, amazing, ridiculous, insightful, inflammatory (probably) or some other interesting adjective.  There is a whole world out there.

-From the Lion’s Den, I am Daniel.


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