A Time to not Kill

Yes.  I am a Christian.

Yes.  I am a male.

Yes. I object to abortion on spiritual grounds.

If this disqualifies me from rational, yet emotive, discourse on the subject in your eyes, so be it.  Please feel free to read something else.  It’s your life.

Law.  No screaming.  No crying.  No shaking of fists.  Let us look at the law.

Well, I just tried to read Roe v. Wade.  It turns out that I am not a lawyer.  I found myself unfamiliar with some terms and completely ignorant of others.  The two things that popped out were the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment. Both these amendments suggested to the presiding justices of the Supreme Court that abortion puts an undue burden on the mother and prohibiting that procedure is unconstitutional.  This is an interesting position.

What troubles me to a degree is this.  What is the function of the law?  The law comes from the Constitution.  The Constitution talks of welfare, justice and liberties, among other things.  I am really confused, for real, for real real.  I am tooling around the Internet as I write this.  The legal definition of murder seems to basically be a killing of a human being with premeditated intent.  A human being is a homo sapien, at the most basic level.  So, how is a process that involves the planned termination of a homo sapient not murder?  Forget the emotions and the handwringing; is there not a simple case of murder here?  A fifth grader should be able to tell you that self-replicating cells containing human DNA are alive.  Abortion is murder.  Is there really a logical argument to counter that?  The law seeks clarity, not ambiguity.  If I personally don’t think stealing is a crime, well, uh, it’s still a crime.  How the Supreme Court got into rights of privacy and other such things is almost laughable.  Why does nobody care if we eat plants, but a lot of PETAple think eating animals is horrible.  Is the life of a chicken intrinsically more valuable than a radish?  Well, plants don’t look like us, and so killing them is OK.  Right?  We see the unborn through the foggy sense of ultrasound, and so it becomes easier to discount.  Abortion becomes like a drone strike.

If you catch my drift, consider this, too.  So, it seems that abortion is logically murder, but there is still some resistance.  Let’s take a look at that.

“Women should have the right to choose because it is their bodies.”  Oh, my.  Here is a scenario.  I am in an apartment building seven stories up.  I am leaning out the window and feeling the warm sunshine blanket my face.  I hear a piercing scream and look up.  Before I can really see anything, I feel two small hands clamp onto my arm.  A little girl of about four is holding on for dear life.  I quickly deduce that she fell from the window above.  She looks so scared.  I am in no danger of falling.  I study her and the people gathering below, in response to the scream.  I start to pull her up and then remember that I’m supposed to go golfing the next day.  The strain of bringing her through the window might pull a muscle or something.  That would be a whole day of golfing shot.  I don’t get a lot of vacation days.  So, I give a little shake and twist of my arm and she is gone.  I lean quickly inside.  I don’t really want to hear the sound of her hitting the pavement because I am about to eat lunch.  When I go out to march with my “It’s my body, it was my choice” sign, will you be there to cheer for me?

“Men should not be telling women what to do with their bodies.”  OK, we’ll look at that.  A man shoots his wife.  No women allowed on the jury.  A husband says he’s going out with his friends.  No wife can object or even discuss.  A man wants to live his life.  No women anywhere in the government.  To suggest that someone’s sex precludes them from intervening in another’s life is questionable, at best.  I could go on, but enough said there.

In conclusion, there is one compelling reason for the fact that abortion is legal.  Because it’s legal.  That was the fact, if you missed it.  The world was flat, the earth was at the center of the universe, black people weren’t people, women couldn’t vote and abortion was (and is) legal.  To be clear, I am not “pro-life”. I am anti-abortion, anti-rape, anti-assault, etc.  Putting some of these things together is not a solution.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  I believe that one day murder will be recognized as murder.  Until then, please remember this.  I am pretty sure everyone is for choice and for life.  Let us not play with the vagaries of those words.  Say what you mean.  Please, show me the error of my logical ways.  If you think I am judging people, you are right.  But I am judging only the seven people who wore black robes that apparently hid them from the Constitution’s gaze.    I hope all the rest of us can embrace the law, and love, and learn to live in a world where every human, is a human.



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