Atheists are for Real. I think.

I am looking at a little baby girl, right now.  She is squinting with a toothy grin and holding her peanut butter jelly sandwich, aloft, in exultation.  She is merely the product of competitive traits edging each other out over millions of years.  Her physiology is sufficient to support accelerated intellectual processes that will render her a hyper- competitive organism, representative of a dominant species.  Now, she is feeding fruit to our dog.  Now, she is clutching a Minnie Mouse cup and saying “Momma”.  Atheists out there, I have a question.  When you look into the face of a child, you don’t see the hand of God?  You only see genetic leap frog?  Really?  A human baby is just a more advanced version of an infant praying mantis?  OK, we’ll table that for a second and move into the psyche, everybody’s favorite place.

Now, some of us out here are not completely stable.  For you guys who have it all together, this might not be the post for you.  I recommend you go to my travel section, and look up Egypt.  Read about the beautiful, historic river they have there.  It might seem familiar.  Anyway, for those of us who are rough around the edges, still a work in progress, and outside of normal, think about your brain.  Think about your insecurities, your prejudices and biases, your neuroses, your fears, your obsessions, and your general humanity, as it were.  Now, look around.  See buildings, organizations, governments, civilizations, schools of thought, the DMV.  You really think a bunch of people, throughout history, just like you and me (because I submit that people are like you and me) could come together in a vacuum and create all those things?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH!  We can’t even manage ourselves.  So, to make it easier let’s set aside the particulars for a moment.  Doesn’t there have to be some cognizant force bigger than ourselves?  Is there a rational explanation that upon examining the evidence comes to another conclusion?  Please, tell me.  (Also, I am pretty new at this, so I am not sure if comments are enabled.)  Atheists (and clockmaker deists), I am officially putting you “on blast”, as the kids say these days.  Help a brother out.

6 thoughts on “Atheists are for Real. I think.

    1. Thanks for being my first commenter!! You really tested my counting skills with matching your comments to my questions. I think I got the gist of your thought stream. I see that to call you an accomplished traveller would be an understatement. I have done a decent amount of traveling myself, but I guess we saw different things. I have seen canyons, mountains, jungles, beaches, blizzards, roaring rapids, volcanoes, deserts and caverns, but I always saw them as beautiful creations, rather than geological happenstance. I also met a lot of people during those travels, and shared laughter, tears, occasional blows, and countless conversations. There were also many animals, in glorious abundance. However, to me, there was such a glaring distinction between humanity and the rest of the creatures. Try as I might, I can’t explain the gap between us and them as a product of evolutionary biology. There is a fundamental distinction. As for your science education, I get that. But to tell the truth, if someone tells me the earth is 6,000 years old (and says he believes that by faith), versus a guy who tells me that the earth is several billion years old (and claims to empirically be able to show that) I got to with the first one. It’s just a more honest answer. And as for my final question in the post, there was no answer given. I’ll leave you with a galling thought. Science is the observation and description of God’s glory, as best as man can conceive it through the limited nature of his basic senses.


  1. Why be hung up in ancient books and beliefs? Not sure why a non-believer in somebody’s god can’t see the beauty in a child’s face or rain on a mountain. It’s never been helpful to polarize people into neat (read: messy) groups and make up stuff about the “sides.”
    Yes, people who don’t believe in this god or that book are real. No need to fear us or make things up about us.


    1. Hey Chris,
      I checked out your page. Long journey. The Clergy Project seems especially marinated. If I asked you today “Who is Jesus?” what would you say? If I asked you thirty years ago, what would you say? If I asked you a hundred years from now what would you say? And how would you have changed? And how would Jesus have changed? I do believe atheists are real, but I also believe God is real. Eventually, somebody is going to have to pick up the check.


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