The Mind Lies

That is the most important thing I have learned in my journey through the turbulent waters of mental health.  The mind lies.  For whatever reason, human beings seem to believe that perception equals reality.  If I think it, it must be true.  I think she likes me, therefore she likes me.  I think he hates me, therefore he hates me.  I think this post will be awesome.  Even now, my mind speaks to me.  It says, didn’t you have some idea of what you wanted to say when you started writing this?  Do you really think anyone is going to care?  And yet, I know I have used this statement to emphatic, impactful effect.  Now, I feel  like the guy who brought a Super Soaker to a gun fight.  So, help me out here.  Help me salvage my brilliant psychological expose of twisted introspection.  Can you give me an example of a time that your mind lied to you?  Right now, my mind needs some help (on many levels).  Drop some knowledge in the comments below.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “The Mind Lies

  1. My mind likes to try to lie to me on a daily basis. Thankfully doing some writing, living a healthy lifestyle and meditating regularly are helping me to perceive the truth. I think the most common lie I hear is that, because I’m highly introverted and thus quiet, my work colleagues think of me as a freak etc.

    Yet if that were true they certainly would not go out of their way to be as friendly to me as they currently do. Trying to obtain evidence for these lies is one of the best methods I’ve encountered to combating it -nine times out of then there is none.

    Do you have one that sticks out in your mind? If you don’t mind me asking of course 🙂


  2. Hey, there is always the usual. “You are not good enough”-(nice and vague) “Other people have it together better than you”-(impossible to judge or quantify) “You will be terribly depressed for the rest of your life”-(very cheery and unknowable) “You current happiness is a ripple in the sea of sorrow that will drown you.”-(That is my favorite, for its poetic devastation.) Also, as a child, I truly believed I had super powers that were lying torment until puberty. Unfortunately, I was a late bloomer and that fantasy was maintained far too long. Those are a few things off the top of my head.


  3. Alright, alright, alright Mike. If as a knowledge dropping way point, anything makes it down to you, throw it on up here, por favor. God does share the knowledge. He wrote us like 66 times. Unfortunately, a lot of people have their default settings so that those missives go to the spam folder. Time to change the filter.


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