We don’t Need no Education

School is back from the summer, and it has brought me with it.  My classes are here full and brimming with anticipation.  I decided to start off with a question to my students. "Why did you step in?"  Meaning:  Why did you willfully transport yourself from the highway of the hall to the my way … Continue reading We don’t Need no Education

Marriage is a 1-Way Street

Life is a one way street.  We are all moving forward, striding or kicking and screaming.  Some of you will say, oh, he is just playing with words.  Well, to be fair, we are all just playing with words, building castles in the air that cast shadows in our minds.  Its like many of the … Continue reading Marriage is a 1-Way Street

Happy Birthday, Mom (GG)

My mom is in Spain.  There are many fun things do where she is and I hope she is doing them.  Happy Birthday, Mom (GG).  Another day, another year.  I'd like to thank my mom.  You always hear that, with actors, athletes and musicians.  Politicians, preachers, and convicts.  One of my favorite lines from "3:10 … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mom (GG)