365: Day 5-Mystery Person

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

On the one hand, I hope everyone is reading my blog, in the whole world.  My mind is already in a whole lot of pieces, so I could give each person on Earth a piece of my mind. It would all be out there, no more unknowns.  But as you might imagine, my actual name is not danielion and my actual face is not an orange and yellow lion.  There are reasons for my anonymity.  Positionally, this is a tricky day and age.  We still have to have jobs, darn it, and potential (and current) employers might not like the contents of our bare souls.  Additionally, some of us have “situations” that while perfectly legal, valid, and human are not socially understood.  One day I will take a deep breath and write on this topic, probably.  I have no problem letting the floodgates open, but I do not want to say anything that could negatively impact my family.  Wow, that sounds super exciting and secretive, but it’s really just me.  In that respect, I hope that a future prejudiced boss is not reading, or existing.

But let’s be honest, there is clearly one person that I don’t want reading my blog write now, and that is Vladimir Putin.  If Vladimir Putin is reading your blog, it is about to get ugly.  He couldn’t even be bothered to interfere in a presidential election, so if he has taken the time to search out this little blog, some next level stuff is going down.

I hope that when I write this again in a year or so there will be one simple answer: no one!

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