365: Day 8- Game changer

Still trekking on that prompt-a-day mission.

Singular sensation

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

The ability to write for a living and make decent money doing it, wherever that might go and whatever that might be.  Shortest blog post ever.  Actually, a writer is all I ever wanted to be.  As a kid, when everyone else was like firefighter, doctor, lawyer, corrupt politician, all I ever said was writer.  However, it was said with a complete lack of any specific vision.  Many times, it was said only in my head.  I didn’t really know what I meant or why I wanted it, other than the fact I love to write.  When I get going, not so much at this moment, I feel like a friggin’ ninja, something I know will not happen in the physical sense.  I talk too damn much in real life, and so writing allows for an audibly mute expression of unrestrained verbosity.  I like to write stories of all types: plays, short stories, books (attempted), whatever.  I like to write blog posts, newspaper articles, research papers, emails, bumper sticker ideas, lesson plans, dating site profiles, poems, movie reviews, referrals (school discipline), Bible commentary, Facebook posts, and customer reviews.  Words are tendrils of communication, bite sized battering rams that bang through with denotations while scaling the walls with connotations.  Writing brings me closer to God.

50%.  That is where I put the current revelation of my writing ability.  I think that my current acumen has the potential to be doubled.  This will only come by the grace of God.  You see, I think swelling with pride in my one’s ability, of any kind, is foolishness.  Did I will myself into existence?  Did I, as a result of conscious manifestation, knit together my various body tissues and organs?  No.  And that only takes us to square one.  Human beings walk around with so many gifts.  Some would say God gave me this gift; I have developed it.  That seems reasonable, on the surface.  But on that enlightened path of development were you facilitating the process of taking air into your lungs and absorbing the oxygen into your blood?  Once again, sadly, no.  We owe God everything.  Humility is simply an awareness of reality.  So much of this world is spent in illusion.  So, that dreaded prayer comes to me:  thy will be done.  Maybe I will never make my living as an “official writer”, but I know this: every time I pray for guidance as to what I should do in the future career-wise, I simply am aware of the word “Write”.  So I guess that’s what I should do, write right?

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