365: Day 15- Little baby girl

There’s no place like home

If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it?  Do you need a home base?  What makes a place “home” for you?

Well, this is a alarmingly similar prompt to the other nomadic inquest.  No, I don’t want to roam around.  Yes, I like having a home base for my family.  I will tell you a little bit about what makes a place a home.

This summer, I am spending each and every day with my daughter.  We are on our own from the time she wakes up until the time mommy gets home from work.  I guess that makes me a temporary stay at home dad.  I am starting to really like it.  It is very difficult, mentally.  If I leave a student unattended, it is unlikely that they will accidentally die or pee in their pants.  That is not a luxury afforded to the parent of a two year old.  Her psychological prowess is akin to that of profilers and interrogators.  For example, when I asked her if she was saying “I need go potty” just to get out of her crib or because she really needed to go potty, she replied that it was because she just needed to get out of her crib to go potty.  Hannibal Lecter should be taking notes from this child.  She really does say a lot of funny things.

We were driving the other day and this gem of a conversation ensued:

Me:    Look, R (not her real name), that’s a school for little boys and girls.  Actually, for big boys and girls.  It is a high school.  Its called Saint John Paul II.  He was a pope.

R:      Eww.

Yes, I too was shocked by my daughter’s startlingly provocative critique of a hierarchical system that she was so abruptly suggesting was a vestige of a time when the Catholic Church was a true power broker and ran counter to any prevailing Biblical study, eschewing theology for tradition.  I feared her Protestantism might color her judgment of what can only be described as a nuanced situation.  Or maybe she thought pope sounded like poop.  Or maybe she just felt like saying “Eww”.  Whichever way, it was friggin’ hilarious.  Moments such as these are the delightful icing on the rich cake of time spent with my little cutie.  Stay tuned for more.

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