365: Day 14- Fly by

Fly on the wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

The obvious answer is something in Bible times.  I believe as a Christian I am required to refer to some event of this nature.  Well, we’ll see about that.  I mean there is a lot of potential there.  How about during the creation of the world?  How about the loading of Noah’s ark?  How about parting the Red Sea?  The Last Supper?  The Crucifixion?  The Resurrection?  These are all insanely dynamic, impactful happenings!  But I feel pretty satisfied with the the way they are described in Scriptures, except for one.  Creation.  There is so much mystery and power surrounding this process.  It is an endless source of controversy, definitively outlined by many different factions, despite the fact that there was no one to see it.  I do not wish to use this space here to quibble over Evolution versus Creationism and all the shades of the two.  My only comment on that quagmire regards Christians who roundly denounce Creationism as preposterous.  So, these individuals have no problem believing that a human being was also God and that his horrible death led to his being raised from the grave and consequently conquering sin and restoring the bridge of salvation through unity of God and man, but the Earth being put together in a certain way is out of the question?

So, there I would be: a small, waiting fly.  There would be nothing, and then, there would be something.  The fireworks would begin and our humble planet would emerge.  If a fly can smile, you would see it then.

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