365: Day 17- Behind the Curtain

The stat connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top three-five posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connecttion between them, and write about it.

Hmm.  The connection.  Well, after a detailed, multi factor analysis that included time and date posted, world events occurring at the time, and all psychological dimensions of tags and categories attached, I have found one compelling factor that links the posts: me.  I wrote them all.  I do not know how the various stat collecting engines of wordpress work, but I do know the seduction.  It is one thing to write what people like; it is another thing to manipulate a post’s popularity.  Why am I writing this blog?  Because I like to write.  I think it is an important skill that needs to be developed, and in the case of these daily prompts, it is a chance to build discipline, which is inherently useful and perhaps specifically  useful in the pursuit of profit through writing.  I am my own best hope and my own machine of failure.  But as O’Sensei said, “Failure is the key to success.  Each mistake is an opportunity to learn.”  (See now I could put an aikido tag and a martial arts tag, but I won’t.)  (My top post was my top post because of the countries that were tagged. That is my estimation.)  So, on these things here, even if I write only one word, it is a victory.  Have a great morning, afternoon, or night, and look around this blog.  There are many posts better than this one.

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