365: Day 25- Let’s get this party Stated

State of your year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

Hello, America.  Good to be back in front of you again.  The year is racing by faster than Hussein Bolt on his way to the restroom after eating Taco Bell.

There was a small presidential election this year, but it went by pretty uneventfully, not a lot of controversy.  Old president, new president: the same.  Pretty much looked related.

Anyway, back to my tantalizing particulars.  I kept my job (I think), so that is good (I think).  It turns out that getting a permanent teaching certificate is kind of a pain in the butt.  Who knew?

My two year old daughter is growing up beautifully.  She loves talking to people and making them laugh (and making them donut pizza).  I asked her if she took cute classes and she said yes.  I said where, she said school.  “Which school?”  “Cranberry school and blueberry school.”  (Duh, Dad.)  So yeah, she’s awesome.  We play together all day, and pray together at night.

My wife is getting fat.  I didn’t really want to say anything at first, but it’s getting kind of bad.  Heck, her belly has its own heartbeat now!  She’ll be starting a weight loss plan mid-January.  Its called the Push plan.  (The baby will be a girl named Jade, God willing.)  We still love each other very much, live in the same house, and even sleep in the same bed!  That makes us American heroes, I think.

I revived a dormant blog.  Its been alright so far.  When this illustrious gathering disperses, you guys should go home and check it.  I bet you can find it pretty easy.

Most importantly, there is still a God and I’m not him.  Amen and amen.  Good night.


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