Hesitant President

I am running for president in 2020.  I will dominate and destroy all opposition.  Anyone who thinks about running should consider themselves lucky that they are getting this advance notice of my impending occupation of our nation’s highest office.  Upon winning, I will paint the White House red (literally), make Mr. Feeny the Secretary of Education, and teach private Tai Chi classes comprised of myself, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and the Pope.  This will all come to pass exactly as I have described it.

Yeah right.  Everybody knows the Pope is more of a yoga guy.  Actually, I think being president is a horrible job.  Every morning is a glass of criticism with your bagel.  The barrage of inanity and obfuscation at every turn is enough to make one think that maybe humans are not the best ultimate arbiters of their own fates.

Obama was elected, got in a time vortex somewhere, and popped out twenty years older after eight years.  Trump’s face seems to have gone all sour.  It really eats alive nice guys (Jimmy Carter), and occasionally, it’s deadly.  The presidency sounds about as much fun as shoving a football up your nose.

But, if, by some chance, things were to happen, stars were to align, the right people were to have the right conversations, and my name was thrown in the ring, I will give you a preview of my struggles.

I’m a Christian who believes abortion should be illegal as it is a permutation of murder per the current statutes.  So, I’m looking alright as a Republican (but I don’t really want to be a Republican).  I also believe that the Constitution is the foundational document for government structure and function, not the Bible or our feelings.  As a result of this belief, I find the current, intermittent illegality of gambling, drugs, and prostitution to be unConstitutional.  So, yes, the perceived endorsement of hooking, coke, and casinos might make it difficult to slither in with either Big Party.

Also, as a teacher, I see that that the education system is now a cash cow.  We, the teachers, are the teats, and we are squeezed until the right numbers come out.  Pearson, your friendly neighborhood education giant, made buku bucks last year on the backs of students, teachers, and administrators.  I like to compare that to my salary.

40, 000                 =me

4,000,000,000     =Pearson

About the same, give our take a few billion dollars.

Sorry for that horrifying tangent.  My point is this: public education is not addressed in the United States Constitution.  It is a state issue, and I find even that to be too grand a theater.  I think every student should have a bounty on their back, say eight thousand dollars.  They would then be courted by scholastic institutions with the promise of schooling.  Schools that were good would rise from word of mouth (Internet) and vice versa for schools that fell short.  Right now, the public school system is so stratified and variegated that its ability to educate is being strangled.  There is a time for reform, and there is a time to re-form.  Public school needs to stop being government school and become local, boots on the ground, schools.  Teachers are itching to teach.  I think our education system is one of the prime exemplars of the pitfalls of encroaching socialism.  Capitalism acknowledges greed and weaves it into the fiber of its being, openly.  Socialism presumes altruism on the part of the government and is thus viciously blindsided by the reality of human depravity.  (I used to watch Miss Venezuela as a kid, so I know these things.)

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

That is on the wall of the Oval Office during my time in office.  If that is perceived by anyone as a threat to their life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, they don’t know me very well.  All love, all the time.

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