Mother’s Day … Again

We’ve been at this for a while now: seems like half a century! (give or take a decade). I was going to send this as a private email, but when I clicked through my windows, this one popped up with last year’s Mother‘s Day post. It’s never done that before (as far as I can remember): opened a post I didn’t click on, so I’ll take that as a sign and here goes. Let’s see if simple simplicity can smoothly surmount simmering sesquipedalianism with sure stock.

To be a mother is a thing like no other

If I want to show ’em (the fluid intricacies and durable rhythms)

we Need a poem

If it’s more than birth, if it’s more than blood

what makes a Mother?

A woman who …

smiles and cries

for her child

walks through long days … and nights

for her child

sacrifices everything

for her child

has love always

for her child

is fierce and gentle

for her child

stands strong

and bows down

for her child

eschews social position, career optimization, and proper self care

for her child

never hesitates to serve, support, and surrender

for her child

is always there

for her child

to be a mother

is to constantly, ceaselessly, exhaustedly and exhaustively be for another

Thank God, I have a mother

(And so do my children!)

Happy Mother‘s Day to these two fantastic ladies … and to all the other mothers who make this world go ’round

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