Sacrifice The Goat (Part 3): Endgame

I don't know a lot about car or bike racing, so I figure these are two things I should definitely weave into an analogy.  Drafting: (not forcing people into military service or designing buildings) sticking close to the leader in order to better your own progress.  Aerodynamics  somehow work with windspeed and stuff to make … Continue reading Sacrifice The Goat (Part 3): Endgame

Fools Rush In

For some reason, a little bee flew into my bonnet.  The bee's name is "White Privilege" which I admit is an odd name for a bee.  Now, bees sting and that is a fact, but bees always promote floral growth and make honey.  So, I am going to exercise some restraint and go on a … Continue reading Fools Rush In

365: Day 25- Let’s get this party Stated

State of your year Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post. Hello, America.  Good to be back in front of you again.  The year is racing by faster than Hussein Bolt on his way to the restroom after eating Taco Bell. There was a small presidential election this year, but it went by … Continue reading 365: Day 25- Let’s get this party Stated

Good Talk

The other day, I had a good talk.  With my sister.  She is a little bit younger, chronologically.  I am a little bit older, chronologically.  We were raised in the same house, by the same parents with several permutations of their individual and collective presence.  Obviously, we have had different experiences.  She had to live … Continue reading Good Talk


Don't discriminate.  Don't you dare discriminate.  People who discriminate go over there, and people who don't discriminate come over here.  That's better. We seem to fear the label of discrimination more than death.  But what about our hearts?  No one sees these (except God).  Are our hearts a paragon of equality, civility and inclusivity?  Do … Continue reading discrimiNation