Mother’s Day, again

It keeps coming up, every year, like a very lazy, but consistent, gopher.  Of course, like all holidays it is profitable catalyst for the various businesses and industries that prey on nostalgia, veiled acrimony, and pregnant guilt.  Mother's Day! Actually, if you look at my post from last year, you will see that the name … Continue reading Mother’s Day, again

Mother’s Day

I think business schools should recruit professors from greeting card companies.  5.99 for a card for a holiday they probably created.  I can't wait to see how much the card for Second Cousin's Day costs.  We are obligated to respond, like lemmings.  Stimulus elicits response.  Christmas is here.  Buy presents.  Valentine's Day is here.  Buy … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Happy Birthday, Mom (GG)

My mom is in Spain.  There are many fun things do where she is and I hope she is doing them.  Happy Birthday, Mom (GG).  Another day, another year.  I'd like to thank my mom.  You always hear that, with actors, athletes and musicians.  Politicians, preachers, and convicts.  One of my favorite lines from "3:10 … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mom (GG)