Let there be balance

I love writing. I'm not good at basketball, or engineering, or not crying during Disney movies, but I love to write. It's like a hypnotically therapeutic dance wherein I partner with the world and myself. It's my cup of essence poured into the sea of life. Words are colors that we only see when the … Continue reading Let there be balance

Mother’s Day

I think business schools should recruit professors from greeting card companies.  5.99 for a card for a holiday they probably created.  I can't wait to see how much the card for Second Cousin's Day costs.  We are obligated to respond, like lemmings.  Stimulus elicits response.  Christmas is here.  Buy presents.  Valentine's Day is here.  Buy … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Daily Prompt: Recharge

via Daily Prompt: Recharge Recharge suggests recurrence.  Somehow, at this moment, the very word itself is bothering me.  Charge is a powerful word.  It is a word of action and defiance.  It is a word of powerful commerce and imperious command.  Recharge is a word of novelty batteries and colloquial convalescence.  It bears an unfortunate … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Recharge

Marriage is a 1-Way Street

Life is a one way street.  We are all moving forward, striding or kicking and screaming.  Some of you will say, oh, he is just playing with words.  Well, to be fair, we are all just playing with words, building castles in the air that cast shadows in our minds.  Its like many of the … Continue reading Marriage is a 1-Way Street


If only we could walk everywhere.  Pausing to gaze at the sky, survey the prickly grass, feel the hot air gently stroking our cheek.  A man can walk and know what is going on.  All the moving parts are inside him.  He can feel when he is hungry, know when he is tired, and wince … Continue reading Warrantease

Directed FreeWriting Exercise 1

Note:  Here I took one sentence (fragment) from the first free writing exercise and expanded and expounded on it for seven minutes without stopping.  The same hazards of wandering and over pondering still apply.  Here it is, unedited. Purpose where there seems only pain Pain, so often, makes us look away, to the mountains of … Continue reading Directed FreeWriting Exercise 1

Freewriting-Exercise 1

Note:  This is merely a writing exercise designed to work on my writing chops.  It was written without stopping over a period of ten minutes.  Please forgive any incoherence or rambling.  I present this unedited.  Welcome to my mind. Free-writing (First Exercise) It is nice to be free of the world of lies and expectations. … Continue reading Freewriting-Exercise 1